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Asset Supply© 2.0 - The ultimate new marketplace for buying, selling, and growing with creative digital assets!

Asset Supply 2.0 is more than just a marketplace – it's a community of like-minded digital artists who share a passion for creating original and innovative work. Our resources and tools are designed to help you grow your creative business and learn from other digital creatives, providing opportunities to collaborate and build your network.

Looking to spice up your digital design game and connect with other talented creatives? Asset Supply 2.0 is the fresh and exciting digital platform you've been waiting for. We've been operating since 2020 and are upgrading to offer you a seamless experience like never before.

As a seller, you'll have the power to showcase your digital artistry to a global audience of potential buyers. Our platform is user-friendly, providing a simple and efficient way to upload your creative assets, set your own prices, and expand your business. From marketing your products to adding custom landing page experiences, our flexible marketplace is tailored to drive your product sales and showcase your unique style.

If you're a buyer, you'll have access to a diverse selection of high-quality digital assets from some of the most innovative and creative minds out there. Our curated marketplace ensures that each asset meets our strict standards of quality and originality, so you can be sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. From mock-ups, fonts, motion packs and textures to helpful, insightful weekly content to help you grow as a creative.

But Asset Supply 2.0 isn't just about buying and selling digital assets. Our platform is designed to create a supportive community of digital creatives who share a passion for originality and innovation. We offer resources and tools to help you grow your creative business and learn from other digital artists, providing opportunities to collaborate and build your network.

So if you're ready to take your digital creativity to the next level, sign up now and join our rapidly growing community. Be a part of something fresh, original and simply top notch, and be at the forefront of a dynamic and exciting new platform. Asset Supply 2.0 is waiting for you.


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60+ Pre-rendered motion icons and shapes. Easily drag and drop into Photoshop, After Effects or even use it to spice up websites. Get it now ↯
Tyler Brooks

Animated Elements vol.1 - Motion Icon Pack

Grifter™ is a sans serif, geometric based typeface inspired by the likes of adidas. Recently updated with variable weight allows for dynamic, robust designs.
Hanson Method™

Grifter™ 2.0 [New Variable Update]

Inspired by androids and mechas vibe. The distinctive elements are wide structure and 45 ° cuts. Typeface contains upper and lower case letters. Latin Extended version gives support for over 100 languages. You will get: / OTF / TTF / WOFF / WOFF2
AN Górski

Andromecha Display Font

Easily add your design in to this realistic plastic wrap mock-up. Includes realistic dispersion displacement effects, easily editable in photoshop.
Hanson Method™

Shrink-Wrap 01 Mock-Up Set [Photoshop]

Macha Display, an industrial, geometric font, perfect for acidic, brutalist designs, is the second featured font c/o Sacha Giorgetti.
Sacha Giorgetti

Macha Mono Display Font

New ultra realistic plastic shrink-wrap mock-up for Blender. Easily replace your work with a few clicks and have full control over how to render and present your work. Make your work stand out, get it now.
Hanson Method™

Shrink Wrap v2.0 Blender Mock-up

A collection of free HD wallpapers.

Wallpapers 05 [Free]

Arpon® Display Font is an aggressive type specimen perfect for posters that want to make a statement. Get back to designing with fresh assets to stimulate creativity. Affordable commercial licenses available.
Sacha Giorgetti

Arpon® Display Font

A popular, modern, clean sans serif typeface, now with an all-new variable update, lending itself to powerful motion design opportunities. Affordable commercial licenses.
 Hanson Method™

Oskari-G2® Variable Typeface